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December 23, 2020 By Dilenthi S. Warakaulle

Catastrophic Impairment Decision at the License Appeal Tribunal

License Appeal Tribunal Success. Singer Kwinter had recent success at the License Appeal Tribunal (“LAT”) with respect to a Catastrophic Impairment decision.  Following a seven-day hearing held in-person over the months of October and December 2019, the LAT in Z.K. and Allstate Insurance Company Limited[1], determined that our client had sustained a Catastrophic Impairment as a result of his motor vehicle accident of June 6, 2014. Our client sustained injuries and symptomatology from the June 2014 motor vehicle accident, which over time worsened and caused his condition to deteriorate. In […]

November 19, 2020 By Shane Kwinter

Welcome To The New Toronto: Condo Heaven or Hell?

Perhaps no city in Canada has more condominium developments being erected at a faster rate than Toronto. Seeing a new condominium building open has become a common occurrence in our city. But with the opening of all these new buildings brings the possibility of injuries occurring on the premises. The question is, who is liable if someone seriously injures themselves while inside the building? The answer depends on where exactly the injury occurred. Let’s say you are visiting a family member or friend in his or her condo and you […]

October 7, 2020 By Dilenthi S. Warakaulle

Long Term Disability and its Interplay Between Accident Benefits/Tort Claims and WSIB

In Ontario, individuals have access to several types of disability coverage, each one interplaying with the other. The focus of this blog is mainly for those injured in motor vehicle accidents. If you have suffered injuries as a result of, or have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you will likely have access to short term disability claims followed by long term disability benefits (“LTD”) and tort/accident benefits claims. If the accident occurred in the course of employment, then there is also the likelihood that the injured person would […]

September 24, 2020 By Shane Kwinter

When it comes to cottage safety, there is no off-season

Many of us are familiar with a cottage owner’s duty to take reasonable steps to ensure all of their guests safety courtesy of the Occupier’s Liability Act[1]. The implications of this statute have been discussed in an earlier post here: There is no shortage of write-ups online about the hazards that can present themselves during summer cottage season and the necessary safety measures owners have had to take to prevent injuries or death. Whether it is boating, jet-skiing, drinking, swimming, diving, or lighting fireworks, a host should always be […]

August 27, 2020 By Alfred M. Kwinter

Alf Kwinter Once Again Named to Best Lawyers® in Canada 2021

Singer Kwinter is proud to announce that our firm has been recognized in the 2021 edition of The Best Lawyers® in Canada. We would like to congratulate Alf Kwinter who has once again been selected by his peers for inclusion in the 2021 edition of Best Lawyers® in Canada as a leading legal practitioner in the areas of Insurance Law, Personal Injury Litigation and Medical Negligence. Best Lawyers® is considered by many as the “Gold Standard in Selecting a Lawyer”. Congratulations to Alf for his continued dedication and this prestigious […]

August 19, 2020 By Alfred M. Kwinter

Bucking the trends: the gentle way to fierce advocacy

Alf Kwinter discussed in the first’s continuing series called Bucking the Trends: Lawyers who make a difference – – – their own way Bucking the trends: the gentle way to fierce advocacy  

August 19, 2020 By Susan K. Dhaliwal

Recorded Statements; The Insurance Company’s Secret Weapon

After a commercial or residential property loss has been reported to the insurance company, a claims adjuster is assigned and immediately begins investigating coverage. One of the most common requests we see within days of the loss is for a recorded statement from the policyholder. While it may appear like a harmless request or even a necessary step in the process, recorded statements are the insurance company’s secret weapon. The request will come at a time when the insured is most vulnerable, their guard is down, and they are eager […]

July 23, 2020 By Dilenthi S. Warakaulle

Safety First in Motorcycle Riding

With the glorious warm weather upon us, the thrill of jumping on a motorcycle and riding through the streets is undeniable. However, before hopping on, ensure you are prepared to do so, and your motorcycle is roadworthy.  Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users given that motorcyclists lack protection and motorcycles are smaller in size in comparison to a car or truck.  If struck, motorcyclists are likely to be very seriously injured. According to Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics, in 2018 there were 200 motorcyclist fatalities (10.4% of all road fatalities) […]

June 15, 2020 By Alfred M. Kwinter

Why Experience Matters

When an insurance company receives a claim-what is the first thing it probably looks at? Most likely it turns the claim over to look at the back page. That is where it finds the name of the law firm acting for the Plaintiff. And you can be quite sure that is what concerns the insurance company most. As soon as the insurance person responsible for dealing with claims sees the name of the law firm he or she will know who their opponent will be, how easy or difficult it […]

June 10, 2020 By Shane Kwinter

Concussions in Sports – New Legal Safeguards in Place

With summer coming into full swing and the nice weather finally arriving, many of us are eager to start being active outside. Unfortunately, because COVID-19 has derailed most social gatherings, playing team sports has had to be placed on the backburner for the time being.  Once we can reach a point when we can all start playing sports again, it is important to take into consideration the implications of engaging in activities that require a large amount of physical movement and contact. One of the worst outcomes that can arise […]