Why Experience Matters

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Why Experience Matters

When an insurance company receives a claim-what is the first thing it probably looks at? Most likely it turns the claim over to look at the back page. That is where it finds the name of the law firm acting for the Plaintiff. And you can be quite sure that is what concerns the insurance company most. As soon as the insurance person responsible for dealing with claims sees the name of the law firm he or she will know who their opponent will be, how easy or difficult it will likely be to settle the claim, and what lawyer should be appointed to defend the case.  And the name of the firm will certainly impact on the amount the company will reserve for the claim.

You can be sure that the factors the insurance company does not consider are the law firm’s advertising or commercials but it’s experience, reputation and trial record.

That’s Why Experience Matters

The insurance company knows who the law firms are. They know the firms who will take the time and make the effort to properly and diligently investigate, build and prepare a case. They know the firms that will take whatever offer is put on the table. These firms basically work on volume. They settle quickly and move on.

How do you, the client, know what type of firm you are retaining for your claim?  Ask the lawyer you are speaking to:

  • Their years of experience.
  • How many times they have been to trial.
  • The names of some of the decisions where they have appeared as counsel.
  • If any of their cases have had an impact on the law.

You should be fully familiar with your prospective lawyer’s experience and reputation. You be sure the insurance company is.

For over 45 years, Singer Kwinter has been fighting for its clients, changing the law and obtaining record awards.

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