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When an individual experiences a catastrophic injury causing a loss of a limb, there are permanent and devastating effects to the quality of life and personal independence.  Day to day tasks such as traveling to work, carrying out occupational responsibilities, taking children to school and feeding oneself at mealtime become overwhelming obstacles to overcome.

Catastrophic impairments have a specific definition under the Ontario Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS). According to the SABS, “The amputation of an arm or leg or another impairment causing the total and permanent loss of use of an arm or a leg constitutes a catastrophic impairment to a victim.”

An amputation may render you unable to complete your job tasks or take care of your family. Household modifications, home-based clinical care, medical treatments, loss of wages, emotional support systems and various other living costs are factors that must be taken into consideration after a traumatic amputation. The physical changes, emotional suffering and financial distress incurred due to amputation from an injury may qualify you for financial compensation.


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