Eight years ago we discovered damages and losses in our home. Due to failure by our home insurance companies to take accountable and timely measures to duly assist us in this matter, this unfortunate event turned our family and home-based work life into a needlessly protracted and painful state of chaos from which we are still trying hard to recover.

Two years ago we began to believe that even a modicum of justice was unattainable for people of our means and losses, but Mr. Alfred Kwinter agreed to take a firm and able lead in the management of our legal case, concluding a settlement in our favour by the late spring of this year. We are extremely grateful to him and his professional, hard working, polite and kind staff, including Marie Hornak and Barbara Furman, for making this possible. Throughout this process, these wonderful people and their colleagues treated us with respect, dignity, and accountability.
It was a long and painful legal battle that finally ended this year in an acceptable closure for my family, thanks to Singer and Kwinter’s able and successful intervention. We lost much in the course of these eight years, including a four generation family cohabitation we cherished, but we also gained the help of kind, honest and able professionals that restored our faith in justice and humanity. We highly recommend these professionals’ services to all those who need and seek conscientious, competent and compassionate legal assistance.

October 15, 2013