Nicole Marchand

It is hard to not think about the day I was hurt in a car accident. But I will never forget the day I made the right decision to seek the help of Singer Kwinter.

It was clear to me from my first meeting that Alf Kwinter and Jason Katz truly understood the position I was in, what I was currently going through and more importantly the challenges that would confront me in the future.

This understanding gave me a clear picture of the uphill battle I would face and their words instilled a quiet confidence in me. I had no doubt that they and their team would be at my side right to the end and long after should I ever need them.

The journey to get well started over six (6) years ago, my case is settled and both my mental and physical health now improve daily. But I truly believe I would not be the confident and strong woman today had I not entrusted my well being with Alf and Jason some 6 years ago.

Sincerely and with humble thanks always,

Nicole Marchand

- Nicole Marchand
November 26, 2014