The F. family, Pickering

Dean Shane,

Thank you so much for your professional services over the last five years as we dealt with our daughter’s case. You always made us feel like we were your only clients and we knew you worked so hard to ensure our daughter was well looked after!

Thank you again!

The F. family, Pickering

Motor Vehicle Accident Victim, York Region

Jason Katz and his team at Singer Kwinter have become a family. Mr. Katz is one of the most empathetic, caring, professional lawyers our family has ever come in contact with. We were truly honoured to have him, Alfred Kwinter and their lovely assistant Nella support our family through a horrific case which lasted nearly 16 years before its settlement. Jason and his team took over our case after waiting nearly eight years hoping that our previous lawyers would take care of us, that never happened. We were truly blessed to have Jason Katz and his team represent us. Thank you Jason, Alfred & Nella for all your hard work, you can be assured that every one of our friends and family members will be directed to your team.

With great gratitude,

ZM, Victim of a Motor Vehicle Accident

Hi Bill and Alf,

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the help and sound advice you provided during what was a very difficult period. If there ever again is a ” next time”, I will be sure to come to your firm first.

Thank you again,

Nicole Marchand

It is hard to not think about the day I was hurt in a car accident. But I will never forget the day I made the right decision to seek the help of Singer Kwinter.

It was clear to me from my first meeting that Alf Kwinter and Jason Katz truly understood the position I was in, what I was currently going through and more importantly the challenges that would confront me in the future.

This understanding gave me a clear picture of the uphill battle I would face and their words instilled a quiet confidence in me. I had no doubt that they and their team would be at my side right to the end and long after should I ever need them.

The journey to get well started over six (6) years ago, my case is settled and both my mental and physical health now improve daily. But I truly believe I would not be the confident and strong woman today had I not entrusted my well being with Alf and Jason some 6 years ago.

Sincerely and with humble thanks always,

Nicole Marchand

Dave C.

I am writing this testimonial today after months of thinking but not really knowing or understanding how to express the words to form my deepest gratitude and most of all to show the complete respect I have for this law firm, Singer Kwinter.

I came to Singer Kwinter knowing that I was deeply injured, and also because I knew very much where I was in my life at that time. I NEEDED the best skilled lawyers in personal injury law as I was just 5 days prior in a motor vehicle collision with a massive Transport Truck. My mother, a nurse, my father, a retired policeman were both helping and caring for me in my time of agony and pain at their house. I was listening to a radio call-in program, and Alf Kwinter was taking phone calls and advising anybody who had called in that day what their legal rights were considering their experiences and their personal injury complaints. I laid in bed at my parents house that day, in great pain, with many broken bones and body parts, listening to his explanations and legal opinions re. these call-ins, and that day I made my decision. This decision was very clear … As soon as I was well enough I was making an appointment to speak to a lawyer from this seemingly dedicated/ forthright law firm. I knew at this point my life had been altered dramatically and I needed the BEST legal representation available. I am educated, grew up middle class in Mississauga and I was self-employed. When I heard Alf Kwinter’s words and legal descriptions that day I knew I wanted his law firm, Singer Kwinter, to represent my future legal needs, knowing they were plenty.

I would like to take this brief time to thank Carla, receptionist, for her patience and understanding of my personal needs, on every call she took from me, right back up to the Leader of this law firm, Alf Kwinter, who was involved with my file every now and then for important legal opinions. This law firm works like a well-oiled machine!

My most sincere COMPLIMENTS, however, are pointed directly at Jason Katz, (my lawyer within this law firm) and his staff. IMMEDIATELY, they made me feel safe! They all had a compassion I needed at that time, catered to my endless questions always being patient and all of them helping me towards this path I’ve achieved of financial freedom. It was a long haul, sometimes frustrating, but my overall benefits from Jason’s expertise and negotiating skills created a reality for me that took this tremendous weight off of my shoulders, a weight that was very depressing sometimes.

Jason and his law clerks guided me through an insurance process this was time consuming and sometimes aggravating, but, in the end, was very rewarding! I am not in a wheel chair, and all insurance companies designated me to be CATASTROPHICALLY INJURED. I was ordered to MANY insurance examinations by the Insurance Companies that questioned my status. I was examined by many Orthopedic Surgeons, Physiatrists, Rheumatologists, Psychiatrists, etc. and with Jason’s guidance attended many MRI’s and Cat scans to create the objective evidence needed to solidify my claims. Jason’s knowledge re. claims such as these provided the backbone to my settlements. I could literally talk much more about this and how it has affected my life in a positive way, but I think my point is clear. Jason Katz and law firm Singer Kwinter are BOTH class acts! It’s no wonder Singer Kwinter has, for two years running, been named one of the TOP FIVE law firms in Canada re. personal injury and accident litigation, this award given and voted upon by their own peers.

On a side note, I have introduced Singer Kwinter to two other friends and friends of family, and BOTH of these parties were declared catastrophically impaired by their insurance companies for their particular injuries. I strongly suggest to anybody with a personal injury complaint to contact Singer Kwinter directly. This whole law firm are market leaders and their success rates re. judgments and their corresponding monetary pay-outs for loss etc. are unmatched in personal injury litigation. My own proofs, regarding every person I have brought to them, and my own experience speak VOLUMES!

I Thank You, My Friend Jason Katz and Singer Kwinter

Sincerely, Dave C.

… a job WELL done!!!!

Louis Netsis

Shane Katz and the team at Singer Kwinter were excellent. When I went to see Shane I was in a terrible state. Shane put my concerns at ease. Shane said to follow my physician’s orders and to leave the rest to him. For the first time in a long time I felt peace of mind. There was no longer any confusion about next steps. From there, the process was seamless. Singer Kwinter managed my case perfectly, providing kindness and clarity along the way.


Eight years ago we discovered damages and losses in our home. Due to failure by our home insurance companies to take accountable and timely measures to duly assist us in this matter, this unfortunate event turned our family and home-based work life into a needlessly protracted and painful state of chaos from which we are still trying hard to recover.

Two years ago we began to believe that even a modicum of justice was unattainable for people of our means and losses, but Mr. Alfred Kwinter agreed to take a firm and able lead in the management of our legal case, concluding a settlement in our favour by the late spring of this year. We are extremely grateful to him and his professional, hard working, polite and kind staff, including Marie Hornak and Barbara Furman, for making this possible. Throughout this process, these wonderful people and their colleagues treated us with respect, dignity, and accountability.
It was a long and painful legal battle that finally ended this year in an acceptable closure for my family, thanks to Singer and Kwinter’s able and successful intervention. We lost much in the course of these eight years, including a four generation family cohabitation we cherished, but we also gained the help of kind, honest and able professionals that restored our faith in justice and humanity. We highly recommend these professionals’ services to all those who need and seek conscientious, competent and compassionate legal assistance.

Tamara (Tammy) Gordon

I would like to extend to you my deepest appreciation for the outstanding work you did in the handling of my accident case. This letter is more than overdue because you did such an excellent job—you deserve the most prompt response.

Over the six years that the defence dragged out, your tenacity, determination and persistence did not yield any ground to the opposition. I appreciate the dedication you demonstrated to your job and the calm with which you dealt with the situation even when it was difficult for us to function well under fire. During the course of the negotiation we discovered that you have a very able and professional team of support staff. I would like to say thanks to all of them; especially Marie who fielded many of the questions that we had, and dealt with most of the calls when you were absent from the office or otherwise engaged. Please extend our compliments to her for hard work and her corporate attitude.

I can recall many times when my mom and I felt down due to the attacks and adversarial approach the defence attorney took, but you encouraged us not to lose hope. More than that—you went into your own pocket and assisted us financially a number of times when we did not know where to turn. We especially appreciate your efforts, because in the course of the trial my mom went through four majors surgeries and I had to deal with many physical challenges. I know it is not easy to deal with clients who are healthy and therefore far more difficult to deal with clients who are injured or sick.

Considering that the defence denied liability for the accident, I consider it a great victory that you were able to secure a home of this magnitude for me as a part of the settlement. It is more in keeping with the house I lived in before my accident, and it is a relief from a cramped two-bedroom apartment that I occupied during the case. It gives me lots of room and freedom to move around.

I just want to say thanks again for all that you have done. My family and friends appreciate all that you have done to help me and they are well acquainted with your excellent work and my praises of you. It will be my pleasure to recommend you to anyone who might need legal assistance in your area of expertise. Should it become necessary I will take you up on the offer you made to assist me in any way you can in my future endeavours. I wish you continued success and I trust you will continue win big awards and put many smiles on the faces of all your clients.

As a result of sticking with Mr. Kwinter for 7 long years, I am a proud owner of an accessible home, a new accessible vehicle to take me around, independence in many ways, to complete university with a degree, and land a great job.


Barb M.

Dear Mr. McMaster, I would like to thank you for getting us a little relief. I know that if it wasn’t for you pushing I would not be getting this help. I do hope this is over soon. Keep in touch.

Leslie K.

Shane Katz of Singer Kwinter handled my lawsuit for a personal injury that I suffered in July 2011. I found him to be extremely personable and he responded quickly to my telephone calls and queries. He was very thorough and diligent. I am very happy at how he handled my case as it was settled quickly and to my satisfaction.