GETTING LEGAL: Ride Safe this Summer

Summer is finally here! With the arrival of warm weather, many find cycling an irresistible form of leisure, exercise and transportation around the city. However, it is extremely important to be mindful of where you ride your bike and the consequences of not obeying the laws. The Highway Traffic Act (HTA), defines a bicycle as a vehicle that operates on the road, which means cyclists must use the roads with motor vehicles instead of the sidewalk. However, riders aged 13 or younger are allowed to ride on the sidewalk. While [...]

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GETTING LEGAL: Children and Cycling in Toronto

Cycling on the roadway, in and of itself, is an activity that brings about a higher risk of serious injury because cyclists are not protected by a car’s exterior like motorists are. Young children are even more vulnerable while riding bicycles on the roadway because they are smaller and harder to see. Therefore, it is critical that parents and guardians review roadway laws and safety measures with their young children regularly to avoid unfortunate accidents and injury. Children must obey the applicable traffic laws anytime they ride on the roadway [...]

GETTING LEGAL: Ontario bill seeks to increase penalties for drivers who injure cyclists

A new bill is seeking to toughen penalties for drivers who injure or kill cyclists, pedestrians, and other vulnerable road users in Ontario. Bill 158, Protecting Vulnerable Road Users Act, 2017, is a private member’s bill which was introduced by former MPP Cheri DiNovo. It is intended to penalize drivers who violate Highway Traffic Act rules around driving while using a cell phone, driving while unlicensed, driving while intoxicated, speeding, careless driving, disobeying signs or lights at intersections or pedestrian crossings, proper signalling, sharing the road with other users, safety near emergency vehicles, [...]

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Getting Legal: A Breakdown of the 2012 Chief Coroner’s Cycling Death Review

In June 2012 the Office of the Chief Coroner released a report having reviewed some 129 deaths of Ontarians from cycling related accidents from 2006 to 2010.  The report put out 14 recommendations which included the following: Adoption of a “complete streets” approach – focused on the safety of all road users – to guide the redevelopment of existing communities and the design of new communities throughout Ontario. Development of an Ontario Cycling Plan to guide the development of policy, legislation and regulations and the commitment of infrastructure funding to [...]

GETTING LEGAL: Tenants Insurance: How does this relate to biking?

One major difference between homeowners and renters is having insurance. If you have a mortgage, having home insurance is mandatory. There is no choice. If you rent, there is a choice. As a renter, you have a choice to buy what is called “Tenants Insurance”. You should strongly consider buying it for a couple reasons. Your landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t cover your possessions. If there is a fire or a water leak or a theft, your landlord will get insurance funds to pay for the losses to their building. All [...]

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GETTING LEGAL: Sharing the Road with E-bikes: What You Need to Know

Sharing the Road with E-bikes:  What You Need to Know Is an e-bike considered a motor vehicle? How does the law define an e-bike? Do I need to carry insurance or other documentation when I drive one? When riding along College Street in Toronto, you may have pondered one of these questions. Whether you own an e-bike or share the road with one, it is important to understand the rules for operating e-bikes and how they are classified under various laws in Ontario. Who is eligible to drive e-bikes and [...]

Cycling Safety for Kids

As summer vacation approaches, it is important to ensure your kids are safe while riding their bikes in the city. Children who are learning to ride their bikes are not always aware of and able to respond to dangers on the road. Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation has published a number of tips to help your kids bike safely this summer. These include to: Always have your child wear a helmet. A properly fitted helmet can reduce the risk of sustaining a head injury while riding. Helmets are also mandatory for [...]

Changes to Accident Benefits DO Impact Cyclists!

When someone is injured by a motor vehicle, statutory accident benefits provide funding for treatment, attendant care and various other needs. On June 1, 2016, significant changes to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule will come into effect. To obtain further details of the changes, please click on the following link: claims/ These changes will drastically decrease the amount of accident benefits available to an accident victim. The total accident benefits for treatment and attendant care available for victims who are moderately injured are reduced by 25%, and for victims who are catastrophically injured by [...]

Five New Laws Affecting Cyclists and Drivers in Toronto

With four cyclists killed in 2015 already, the City has had extra pressure to revise the laws to better address the dangers of unsafe driving of both two- and four-wheel vehicles. The ongoing battle of the Toronto roads has resulted in some major changes in city legislation that will affect both cyclists and motorists. Below, find five such laws that you need to know for navigating the busy Toronto streets. 1. CYCLISTS MUST GLOW IN THE DARK Effective September 1, 2015, cyclists who do not use the required bicycle lights and reflectors [...]

Jason Katz and Ari Singer interviewed on Rogers Cable 10 Live in Brampton on August 5th!

Jason Katz and Ari Singer were interviewed by Rogers Cable 10 Live in Brampton on August 5, 2015. The show aired live at 8:00 PM. Jason and Ari responded to important questions regarding the The Highway Traffic Act and it's implications for Ontario drivers.