Wins $1.4 million Verdict in Accident Trial

Alfred Kwinter, founding partner of Singer Kwinter, Barristers and Jason Singer, win a $1.4 million verdict for his client’s motor vehicle accident case yesterday in a Newmarket court.

Kwinter’s client, Don Clarke, had unknowingly suffered a severe shoulder injury as the result of a car accident. After a year of suffering, a diagnosis of the injury revealed there was serious and permanent damage to the nerves in his right shoulder, which has now left him with significantly diminished work opportunities.

Don, an active 21 year old was unbelievably talented at working with his hands. He held two jobs and was clearing property to build the cottage of his dreams until the accident changed is life forever. He is now incapable of heavy work and has been forced to terminate many of his personal aspirations and goals.

The month long trial came to a close, with a jury awarding a verdict of $1.4 million for damages and lost wages. “The $250,000 awarded for pain and suffering was very close to the absolute upper cap.” stated Mr. Kwinter. “This settlement should help Don improve his future quality of life.”

This important decision is another major accomplishment for Alfred Kwinter and the legal team at Singer Kwinter. Practicing since 1974, Singer Kwinter has become one of Canada’s leading Personal Injury law firms and is known for setting groundbreaking decisions and winning cases for accident and insurance victims.

April 24, 2008, Alfred M. Kwinter, Jason D. Singer Toronto, Ontario

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