$3.5+ Million Judgment for Chronic Pain

In July 2009, the highest award at trial ever given in Canada for a chronic pain and fibromyalgia case was given to Diane Degennaro. Diane fractured her tailbone after a hospital bed that she was sitting on collapsed. The tailbone injury went on to heal, however the damage resulted in a severe case of fibromyalgia, which caused chronic pain throughout Diane’s body, forcing Diane to stop working. William McMaster first got Diane’s long-term disability benefit reinstated then worked with her doctors to prepare for trial. Both William and Alfred Kwinter represented her at trial. She was awarded nearly four million dollars, and set a precedent in chronic disability law. This judgment demonstrated the importance and severity of fibromyalgia and recognized chronic pain syndromes as disabilities.

Alfred and William also obtained compensation for Diane’s husband and two children.

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July 2009, Alfred M. Kwinter, William A. McMaster Court of Appeal substantially upholds record chronic pain decision. Degennaro vs. Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.

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