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Shane Kwinter

Personal Injury Lawyer

About Shane Kwinter

Personal Injury Lawyer

Shane has always maintained a passion for law, politics, and the arts. Shane attended York University where studied Communications and Political Science. Shane Kwinter is the newest member of the Singer Kwinter team and is ready to take on the needs of his clients with compassion and determination. Even at a young age, Shane was exposed to personal injury law and developed an awareness of the rights of the average person to receive compensation. After he received his Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree, Shane attended law school at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, where he received his Juris Doctor.

Shane was called to the Bar in Ontario in 2014 and is happy to be practicing law with the team at Singer Kwinter where he specializes in personal injury and insurance law.  Over the course of his time practicing law, Shane has developed much experience litigating and attends motions on a regular basis. In his spare time, Shane enjoys watching and discussing film and loves attending concerts.

He joins Singer Kwinter as a second-generation lawyer and is in awe of his predecessors who have been trailblazers at the firm. He is honoured to be working alongside his accomplished colleagues and is eager to surpass the high standards established by Singer Kwinter. 

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  • BA Honours Degree from York University, 2005
  • Law degree from the University of New South Wales, 2010
  • Called to the bar in 2014
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Nga has a love for food from all cultures and often explores new restaurants, locally and wherever she travels. She also enjoys her junk food. On an average day in the office, she can be found munching on Lay’s chips, chocolate covered almonds, and chocolate chip cookies.

An Update About COVID-19
An Update About COVID-19: At Singer Kwinter we are committed to provide our clients the best service during this challenging time. We are fully operational and have taken measures to keep the our clients and visitors safe. The team is currently working remotely and is available to assist our clients and take on new clients.