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What do you do when an insurance company refuses to pay your claim after property damage or loss? An individual can diligently pay premiums for years only to find once they have a loss, the insurance company is no longer their friend. Insurance companies come up with an abundance of excuses in order to deny paying claims benefits.

Misrepresentation on the original application, arson, failure to notify the company of a change in the use of the property, or the failure to advise the company that you have made some major renovation are all just causes for claim denial. At Singer Kwinter we fight to ensure that insurance companies deal with your claims in good faith with the best team of Property Claim Lawyer.

Groundbreaking Decisions:

Rodriguez v. Allstate Insurance Company

Plester vs. Wawanesa Insurance Company

Mazza vs. Hamilton Township Farmers Mutual Insurance Company

At Singer Kwinter we represent victims, we do not work for insurance companies.

If you or someone you know has been faced with a denial by an insurance company, contact Singer Kwinter and schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. You will pay no legal fees until your case is won or settled.

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