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Family during a house fire


Insurance is truly a unique product. What else do we willingly pay for in hopes that we will never have to use it? This is particularly the case with home insurance. We gladly pay the annual premiums knowing that in the case of a fire loss we are protected.

All too often, however, this is not the case. A person can pay premiums for years only to find out that once he or she has a fire loss, the insurance company is no longer his/her friend. An insurer may decide to deny a claim for various reasons including misrepresentation on the original application, claims of arson, failure to notify the company of a change in the use of the property (i.e. the renting of rooms to tenants or the carrying on of a business on the property), or the failure to advise the insurance company that an addition or renovation has taken place. Singer Kwinter has been representing homeowners in claims against insurance companies for close to 40 years. Our experienced team of trial lawyers is well respected in both the courtroom and by insurers. We handle all fire loss claims – including, but not limited to houses, apartments, rental properties, businesses, cottages and farms. We fight for our clients to ensure that an insurance company is justifiably denying a claim and dealing with clients in good faith.

At Singer Kwinter we represent victims; we do not work for insurance companies.

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