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Frequently Asked Questions

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Most people who engage the services of a personal injury lawyer have never done so before. It’s not something that happens every day. Naturally you will have a lot of questions about the process involved with pursuing a personal injury or insurance claim denial case. To provide you with some insight and answers, the legal team at Singer Kwinter have put together a list below of some of the most frequently asked questions.

How soon after an accident or loss should I consult a lawyer? 2019-01-03T19:02:48+00:00

In most situations, there are very strict time limits in which claims must be issued or notices served. It is wise to consult a lawyer immediately after an accident or insurance denial to ensure that time frames are not missed.

Why do I need a lawyer who specializes in a certain area? Why can’t I just go see the lawyer I used to buy my home, or the one who made my will? 2019-01-03T19:02:21+00:00

Canadian law today is very specialized. It is integral to the success of your case that you consult with a lawyer who has the proper knowledge and experience in dealing with the field of your inquiry. Clients should be very wary of lawyers who are known as “dabblers”—these lawyers will usually handle anything that comes through the door. Competent general practitioners will always refer matters beyond their scope of practice to firms specializing in the area that you require expertise. With over 35 years of experience, the team of personal injury lawyers at Singer Kwinter are specialized in dealing with personal injury and insurance denial claims.

Why do I need a lawyer when dealing with an insurance company? Why can’t I deal with the insurance company myself? 2019-01-03T19:01:56+00:00

Although you are not required to hire a lawyer when dealing with an insurance company, you will be at a severe disadvantage if you chose to go without one. Insurance companies retain professional adjusters that work in the company’s best interests; while they may purport to want to assist you, the bottom line is that they are hired to save the insurance company money. In the case of an injury, you could not know the true value of your claim without proper legal advice. Retaining a lawyer can result in a substantially higher settlement for you. The lawyers at Singer Kwinter are here for you, dedicated to obtaining the full compensation that you deserve.

Does hiring a lawyer mean my case will go to trial? 2019-01-03T19:01:36+00:00

Hiring a lawyer does not mean your case will go to trial. A highly competent lawyer will settle virtually all of his or her cases outside of the courtroom.

Who will be handling my claim if I decide to retain the firm of Singer Kwinter? 2019-01-03T19:01:12+00:00

Any one or more of our lawyers who are experts in the area of your specific claim will handle your case. In addition to the lawyers handling your claim, we maintain a large staff of secretaries, legal assistants, law clerks, medical, and rehab specialists that are there to assist you with whatever you need.

Can my case be settled without my approval? 2019-01-03T19:00:46+00:00

No. the lawyer handling your case must have your authority before accepting any final settlement. The lawyer can suggest a settlement figure to the insurance company’s representative, however it is you who has the final say.

How will I know when a settlement offer is fair and reasonable? 2019-01-03T19:00:21+00:00

At Singer Kwinter, we have been representing plaintiffs in accident and insurance litigation claims for close to 40 years. Our compassion towards our clients, as well as our proven track record in the courtroom, makes us one of the most highly regarded personal injury firms in Ontario. With this is mind, the lawyers at Singer Kwinter will advise you as to the fairness of the settlement offer.

Who do I call at Singer Kwinter if I have a question about my case? 2019-01-03T18:59:50+00:00

You have the option of speaking to the lawyer who is handling your case or one of his/her assistants. Depending on the complexity of the question, the assistant, clerk or secretary should be able to provide the information you need.

Will I be charged for the initial consultation or interview? 2019-01-03T18:59:22+00:00

At Singer Kwinter, our fee arrangement means that you will pay no legal fees until your case has been won or settled. At the free initial consultation, a lawyer will request information from you in order to determine whether they wish to proceed with your case. They will then explain to you what your case will entail. If you have any questions during your initial consultation or interview please do not hesitate to ask.

Will I be charged for every telephone call and/or meeting that I have with a lawyer? 2019-01-03T18:59:03+00:00

No. The fee arrangement is set during your initial consultation. Regardless of the number of telephone calls or meetings, the fee arrangement does not change. The staff at Singer Kwinter are here to serve you. You should not be afraid to call and ask questions about your case.

How long will my claim take to settle, and how much will I recover? 2019-01-03T18:58:13+00:00

These are the most common and frequently asked questions. Unfortunately, neither can be answered during the initial stages of a claim. As the claim develops and more information becomes available, your lawyer may be able to provide you with an estimate as to the amount of compensation recoverable, and the time period in which your claim will be resolved.

Can I afford the cost of making a claim? 2019-01-03T18:57:04+00:00

At Singer Kwinter, we offer each and every potential client a free consultation. After that, you willpay no legal fees until your case is won or settled. At that point, part of the fee is paid out of your settlement proceeds. This amount is a percentage of the settlement, plus H.S.T., as agreed upon during your initial consultation. The insurance company or the defendant of your claim pays the balance of the fee. Our fee structure ensures that you have equal access to the justice system, regardless of your financial situation

Does Singer Kwinter comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)? 2019-01-03T18:56:36+00:00

Yes. Singer Kwinter takes great care to provide services that are sensitive to our clients’ disabilities. View our Accessible Customer Service Plan in accordance with the AODA.

An Update About COVID-19
An Update About COVID-19: At Singer Kwinter we are committed to provide our clients the best service during this challenging time. We are fully operational and have taken measures to keep the our clients and visitors safe. The team is currently working remotely and is available to assist our clients and take on new clients.