Wrongful Dismissal: What You Need To Know

If you were previously employed and find yourself in a situation where you have been terminated, you may have a right to make a wrongful dismissal claim, depending on the circumstances. There are various factors to consider. First, were you part of a union? If so, unfortunately this will preclude you from making a claim as members of unions receive their own benefits under a collective agreement. If you were not part of a union, we can look further into the circumstances surrounding the employment. Were you fired for an [...]

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An Update About COVID-19

We’d like to reassure you that Singer Kwinter has been closely monitoring the ongoing situation surrounding the corona virus (COVID-19). We are taking several additional precautions to help us all stay healthy and safe and to ensure that we continue to serve our clients efficiently and without interruption. This includes: We are following the recommendations of the public health officials; We are ensuring that we have uninterrupted access to our systems in order to continue to provide service to our clients; In the event of a closure, we can still [...]

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Chronic Pain – Proving the invisible injury in personal injury claims

Pain, long after its cause is gone is called “chronic pain.” The pain itself ranges between mild to unbearable, intermittent to continuous. It is a serious health condition which can manifest anywhere in the body and often leads to complications beyond physical symptoms. Many people suffer from depression, anxiety and sleep difficulties as a result of chronic pain. The symptomology has debilitating effects on those affected, making it difficult to keep up at work, manage household tasks, attend social gatherings and engage in recreational activities. This in turn can [...]

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Winter Sports Safety

Winter Sports Safety Winter is a great time to participate in outdoor recreational activities such as tobogganing, ice skating, snowshoeing, skiing, hockey, and snowboarding. That being said, every year, many Canadians become seriously injured after participating in these activities. Here are a few tips to avoid injuries while doing winter sports this season: Wear proper and well-fitting helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, or other protective gear. Take time to learn proper technique for the activity you are participating in. Avoid excessive speed or risky behavior. Follow the rules and pay [...]

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Marijuana and Road Safety

Getting behind your wheel while under the influence of drugs is not only dangerous, but against the law.  One misstep and you can have your license suspended, face fines, criminal charges, jail time, and pose a significant risk to your safety, the safety of your passengers and other road users. National trends from the Road Safety Monitor 2019, (which is an annual public opinion survey conducted by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation), showed an increase in the use of marijuana since its legalization in Canada. Not surprisingly, the Traffic Injury [...]

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Ontario Trial Lawyers Association Case Summaries – January 17, 2020

Singer Kwinter’s Susan Dhaliwal highlights important facts and outcomes in the Ontario Courts. Case summary originally distributed in OTLA's January 20, 2020 newsletter. Przyk v. Hamilton Retirement Group Ltd., 2019 ONSC 7498 Full Decision Aviva denied costs after successful trial because of hardball approach. This slip and fall action proceeded to trial on liability alone after the parties agreed to fixing damages at $75,000. Aviva was wholly successful at trial where the jury found no negligence on the part of the defendant. In considering costs, the Court agreed with Plaintiff’s [...]

Winter Maintenance Woes: What are an occupier’s responsibilities?

As we find ourselves in the thick of winter, it is important to keep in mind what a homeowner’s obligations are with respect to dangerous weather conditions. During this time of year, driveways and walkways on private property are hazards waiting to happen. But what is the law in Ontario when it comes to one’s duties to ensure their property is maintained for safe conditions? In Ontario, the governing legislation is the Occupiers Liability Act1, which defines what an occupier is and what their duties are. An occupier is an [...]

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Ontario Trial Lawyers Association Case Summaries – December 20, 2019

Singer Kwinter’s Susan Dhaliwal highlights important facts and outcomes in the Ontario Courts. Case summary originally distributed in OTLA's August 11, 2019 newsletter. McKay et al v. Park et al, 2019 ONCA 659 Full Decision Court of Appeal finds no vicarious liability on driver and owner of vehicle when front seat passenger seizes the steering wheel and causes a collision. The defendant, Sarah Park, was operating a vehicle she owned when her front seat passenger and co-defendant, Giancarlo Hnatiuk, pulled the steering wheel causing Ms. Park’s vehicle to collide with [...]

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Holiday Drinking and Social Host Liability

As the holidays approach, it is important to be aware of your legal responsibilities. As a host when serving alcohol at your home. For many years, the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Childs v. Desmormeaux, 2006 SCC 18, has been the leading case on social host liability. The case involved a drunk party guest who crashed head-on into another car. While he driving home from a private BYOB New Year’s Eve party. One of the passengers in the other car died and three others were seriously injured. The Supreme [...]