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Changes to Accident Benefits DO Impact Cyclists!

When someone is injured by a motor vehicle, statutory accident benefits provide funding for treatment, attendant care and various other needs. On June 1, 2016, significant changes to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule will come into effect. To obtain further details of the changes, please click on the following link: claims/ These changes will drastically decrease the amount of accident benefits available to an accident victim. The total accident benefits for treatment and attendant care available for victims who are moderately injured are reduced by 25%, and for victims who are catastrophically injured by [...]

Fire Prevention recommendations should not be an avenue to avoid insurance claims

Recently a Coroner’s Inquest was held into the tragic deaths of seven people in two separate house fires.  In one fire, three teenagers died of smoke inhalation in a unit rented from a landlord who had previously been convicted for fire code violations at the property.  In the other fire, parents and their two teenage sons died in a home where there may not have been a working smoke alarm on the main floor.  This fire left the lone survivor without his parents and siblings.  In both fires, there were [...]

Insurance gaps for ride-share drivers

Since its inception, Uber has provided its customers with a convenient way to obtain rides from licensed limo and taxi drivers. However, its UberX product, which enables Uber customers to obtain rides from drivers that do not have a limo or taxi licence at reduced rates, has generated significant controversy despite its popularity. UberX drivers are able to charge lower fares because their expenses are much lower then those of taxi and limo drivers. UberX drivers do not have to pay licensing and administrative fees, along with the myriad of [...]

Self-driving cars on Ontario roads this January? Ari Singer of Singer Kwinter speaks with CityNews Toronto.

Click here to read the full story. Questions and answers from Ari Singer's interview with CityNews Toronto on October 13, 2015: "Q: Who is liable in case of an accident or crash (regarding an autonomous vehicle) A: Under present legislation (Highway Traffic Act), the owner of a vehicle is always responsible for an accident, unless a car is driven without their consent. In addition, manufacturers can also be responsible if the crash is caused by defective equipment (i.e. breaks fail). With self-driving cars, it’s likely that manufacturer liability will be [...]

Popularity of UberX Raises Questions: All You Need to Know About UberX Auto Insurance Coverage

The recent popularity of UberX and other ride-sharing apps has raised a number of questions about insurance coverage for Ontario drivers and passengers. UberX is a smartphone app which matches potential passengers to drivers in their area. UberX collects a percentage of the fare charged to a passenger’s credit card through the app and the driver keeps the remainder. Drivers who sign up with UberX are required to have a drivers’ license, a car, and proof of insurance. After signing a contract with the company, they access the app which [...]

Five New Laws Affecting Cyclists and Drivers in Toronto

With four cyclists killed in 2015 already, the City has had extra pressure to revise the laws to better address the dangers of unsafe driving of both two- and four-wheel vehicles. The ongoing battle of the Toronto roads has resulted in some major changes in city legislation that will affect both cyclists and motorists. Below, find five such laws that you need to know for navigating the busy Toronto streets. 1. CYCLISTS MUST GLOW IN THE DARK Effective September 1, 2015, cyclists who do not use the required bicycle lights and reflectors [...]

Court of Appeal decision on vicarious liability (Highway Traffic Act)

Fernandes v. Araujo, 2015 ONCA 571 The Ontario Court of Appeal just clarified the law with respect to the vicarious liability attributed to motor vehicle owners who by consent allow another to possess their vehicle. The issue in this case surrounded the interpretation of s. 192(2) of the Highway Traffic Act, which states that, a vehicle owner is liable for the negligent behavior of a vehicle’s operator if the operator’s possession has been consented to. The Court of Appeal, recognizing conflict within the case law, reviewed various precedents cited by [...]

Jason Katz and Ari Singer interviewed on Rogers Cable 10 Live in Brampton on August 5th!

Jason Katz and Ari Singer were interviewed by Rogers Cable 10 Live in Brampton on August 5, 2015. The show aired live at 8:00 PM. Jason and Ari responded to important questions regarding the The Highway Traffic Act and it's implications for Ontario drivers.  

Be aware of your liability and obligations while at the cottage – tips on how to have a safe and fun summer.

Ari J. Singer provides insightful tips related to cottage safety in Ontario. To read the full article by kawarthNOW! click here. General Liability The content of this article is of a general nature and does not constitute legal advice. It is not intended to be a full or complete analysis of the topic. Before applying the concepts or any content of this article, consult your legal advisor. Neither the author of this article or Singer Kwinter can accept any responsibility for financial loss nor gain of any nature should the reader not take [...]