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Jason Singer March 29, 2018 By Jason D. Singer

Why you should hire an OTLA Lawyer?

Jason Singer is on the OTLA Board of Directors. His blog was originally distributed in the March 28, 2018 edition of the OTLA newsletter. “Trying to decide which lawyer to hire to help you and your family following a car accident or other personal injury claim?  There are many excellent questions and considerations that should go into making this important decision.  Experience, reputation, price and comfort will likely be part of that decision-making process.  But another important question to ask is whether your prospective lawyer is a member of the Ontario […]

Jason Singer March 26, 2018 By Jason D. Singer

Douglas v. Stan Fergusson: Subrogated claims of a bankrupt insured

Did you ever wonder how an insurer can bring a subrogated claim where the insured goes bankrupt?  Probably not, but the answer turns out to be more complicated and controversial that you might think. In Douglas v. Stan Fergusson Fuels, the Ontario Court of Appeal convened a five judge panel which split 3-2, overturning the Divisional Court’s finding (after leave was granted) which had upheld the motion judge’s decision.   If you are counting, that is ten judges weighing in on this issue.  It is possible that Supreme Court may have […]

Jason Singer October 13, 2017 By Jason D. Singer

Do you have a Fire Safety Plan?

This week from October 8 to October 14, 2017, marks Fire Prevention week across Canada. This year’s theme is “Every Second Counts : Plan 2 Ways Out!” Do you have a fire safety plan for your home? If you have a fire, how will you get out safely? How will you get your loved ones out? Where will you meet to make sure everyone is accounted for? What steps have you taken to prevent fires from occurring or spreading in your home? Chances are if you are like most Ontarians […]

Jason Singer June 8, 2017 By Jason D. Singer

Ontario insurers continue to profit from victims of arson

A string of disturbing cases has highlighted a troubling trend of injustice for Ontario homeowners who are victims of arson. Collingwood After a heated argument, a Collingwood woman told her husband that their marriage was over. In response, he set fire to their bedroom, causing $160,000 in damage to the house. Thankfully, no one was hurt. When she attempted to claim her insurance coverage to pay for repair costs to her home, her claim was denied. Allstate had placed an exclusion in the policy which prevented claims resulting from intentional […]

Jason Singer March 29, 2017 By Jason D. Singer

Stay Safe Overseas: Roadblocks of International Injury Cases

Lying on a warm, sunny beach, the waves crashing gently in the distance, a cold drink or a good book by your side… For most, travelling south for a winter vacation away from the cold weather, work, and other responsibilities is a trip to paradise. But travelers should be aware that if an accident or a tragedy strikes, it may be difficult, if not impossible to seek proper compensation for the loss. Standards of acceptable maintenance, safety, and care are not always the same in foreign countries as they are […]

Jason Singer November 3, 2016 By Jason D. Singer

Seeing Through the Haze of Canadian Marijuana Laws

As Canada nears the likely legalization of marijuana for recreational use, a host of issues will impact on users for medical purposes. As a result of growing awareness, more claims from motor vehicle accident victims are likely to be made for this treatment. Presently, the possession, distribution and production of marijuana is illegal. An exception to this applies to medicinal use. Effective August 24, 2016, the Federal Government replaced the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) with the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). This change resulted from […]

Jason Singer August 30, 2016 By Jason D. Singer

5 Ways to Protect Your Belongings In Case of an Insurance Claim

Singer Kwinter’s Jason Singer shares insightful information on protecting your belongings in case of an insurance claim. This posting was originally distributed in the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association Newsletter on August 30, 2016. Please click here to read the original posting. The most valuable and important tangible asset for most people is their home. It provides protection, comfort, and equity. It can also be our largest investment and expense. It is therefore critically important to make sure it is properly protected in the rare case of a loss. Here are 5 ways to […]

Jason Singer June 30, 2016 By Jason D. Singer

Getting Legal: A Breakdown of the 2012 Chief Coroner’s Cycling Death Review

In June 2012 the Office of the Chief Coroner released a report having reviewed some 129 deaths of Ontarians from cycling related accidents from 2006 to 2010.  The report put out 14 recommendations which included the following: Adoption of a “complete streets” approach – focused on the safety of all road users – to guide the redevelopment of existing communities and the design of new communities throughout Ontario. Development of an Ontario Cycling Plan to guide the development of policy, legislation and regulations and the commitment of infrastructure funding to […]

Jason Singer May 9, 2016 By Jason D. Singer

Fire Prevention recommendations should not be an avenue to avoid insurance claims

Recently a Coroner’s Inquest was held into the tragic deaths of seven people in two separate house fires.  In one fire, three teenagers died of smoke inhalation in a unit rented from a landlord who had previously been convicted for fire code violations at the property.  In the other fire, parents and their two teenage sons died in a home where there may not have been a working smoke alarm on the main floor.  This fire left the lone survivor without his parents and siblings.  In both fires, there were […]

Jason Singer May 3, 2016 By Jason D. Singer

Law Time Article: Ruling against insurance company for punitive damages

Jason Singer and Alf Kwinter were interviewed in the May 2, 2016 Law Times  article entitled, “Ruling against insurance company for punitive damages“. Jason Singer and Ari Singer of Singer Kwinter acted on behalf of the Plaintiff. Alfred Kwinter notes, “Punitive damages are very difficult to obtain and are rarely awarded. This marks the fourth time since 2003 that Singer Kwinter has obtained a punitive damage award against an insurer. To read a copy of The Law Times article, click here. Press Release – April 21, 2016 St. Catharines Jury Awards $175,000 in Punitive […]