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Alfred M. Kwinter June 15, 2020 By Alfred M. Kwinter

Why Experience Matters

When an insurance company receives a claim-what is the first thing it probably looks at? Most likely it turns the claim over to look at the back page. That is where it finds the name of the law firm acting for the Plaintiff. And you can be quite sure that is what concerns the insurance company most. As soon as the insurance person responsible for dealing with claims sees the name of the law firm he or she will know who their opponent will be, how easy or difficult it […]

Alfred M. Kwinter June 9, 2020 By Alfred M. Kwinter

Punitive Damages Against An Insurance Company: What are they? Can I get them?

Punitive damages or “Punies” as we call them, are just as the name implies – a punishment. It’s when the court, either a judge or the jury, decides that the conduct of an insurance company, when dealing with the policyholder, is so unfair and outrageous they will award damages above and beyond the actual claim. Punitive damages are meant not only to punish but to act as a deterrent, discouraging that company and other insurance companies from acting in a similar manner. Punitive damages are meant to send a message. […]

Alfred M. Kwinter June 1, 2020 By Alfred M. Kwinter

The Coronavirus is Killing my Business. Will My Insurance Help?

Given Singer Kwinter’s more than 40 years experience in representing policy holders against insurance companies, it is not surprising that we are receiving calls from panicked business owners asking if they have a claim under their policy for losses due the COVID-19 crises. Insurance coverage is determined by the terms of the policy. Therefore, examination of the insurance policy is a key first step. An insurance policy is a complicated document setting out what losses are covered and those that are not. Losses not covered are referred to as “exclusions” […]

Alfred M. Kwinter May 25, 2020 By Alfred M. Kwinter

When an Insurance Company Denies a Claim – They Usually Win

“As soon as an insurance company denies a claim – they win.”  That’s how I start my opening statement to the jury every time I go to trial against an insurance company. The reason I state that is because I believe it’s true. For example, when someone has suffered a major loss, such as a fire which has destroyed their home or business, a claim is made for the insurance. The insurance company decides they are not required to pay the claim. The policyholder usually has only 3 choices: They […]

Alfred M. Kwinter March 19, 2020 By Alfred M. Kwinter

An Update About COVID-19

We’d like to reassure you that Singer Kwinter has been closely monitoring the ongoing situation surrounding the corona virus (COVID-19). We are taking several additional precautions to help us all stay healthy and safe and to ensure that we continue to serve our clients efficiently and without interruption. This includes: We are following the recommendations of the public health officials; We are ensuring that we have uninterrupted access to our systems in order to continue to provide service to our clients; In the event of a closure, we can still […]

Alfred M. Kwinter February 11, 2020 By Alfred M. Kwinter

36th Annual Great Valentine Gala

Alfred Kwinter attends the 36th Annual Great Valentine Gala on February 8th at the Royal York Hotel. Tamara Gordon is recognized with the Honourable David C. Onley Award. Alfred M. Kwinter

Alfred M. Kwinter September 29, 2018 By Alfred M. Kwinter


Toronto, Ontario – Alf Kwinter has become a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, one of the premier legal associations in North America. The induction ceremony at which Alf became a Fellow took place recently before an audience of 850 persons during the Induction Ceremony at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the College in New Orleans, Louisiana. The meeting had a total attendance of 1,020. Founded in 1950, the College is composed of the best of the trial bar from the United States and Canada. Fellowship in the […]

Alfred M. Kwinter May 1, 2017 By Alfred M. Kwinter

Judge slams exclusion clauses as unfair

In a rare decision, an Ontario judge declined to award costs to an insurance company after dismissing a claim against it. In Soczek v. Allstate, Allstate Insurance Company of Canada successfully argued that damage to a plaintiff’s house after her husband burned it down in an attempt to kill her did not fall under her insurance policy because of an exclusion clause. In his decision, Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Morgan dismissed the plaintiff’s claim, but he slammed Allstate, saying its “corporate conduct is less than admirable.” Morgan refused to […]

Alfred M. Kwinter August 16, 2016 By Alfred M. Kwinter

Alf Kwinter Interviewed by Global News Toronto – Property Loss Claims in Oshawa

Alf Kwinter was interviewed by Global News Toronto on August 15, 2016. The interview aired live at 5:30 PM. As an expert in property loss claims, Alf responded to important questions regarding homeowner insurance claims, what to do after your home has suffered damage, and the implications for Ontario policy holders if their claims are denied. Click here to see the interview and to read the article. Alfred M. Kwinter