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Car accidents and personal injuries are becoming increasingly common recently. Carelessness, uncertainties, and sloppiness are some of the main causes for these accidents. People getting affected by these accidents are usually not in their best of minds to handle all the situation out there. They have been deeply affected by the mishap and are not in a state to look after all the current proceedings. There are a number of ways through which people can get a grip of the situation and seek some professional and legal guidance. The Pickering Personal injury lawyers and Car accident lawyers Pickering are very cooperative and look forward to help people out with their legal matters after their accidents.

How many different types of injuries are there? 

There are a variety of different injuries which affect people every now and then. These injuries are broadly classified in to 2 broad categories, namely, Personal Injuries and Car Accidents. Accidents that are caused due to medical malfunctions, negligence by the other party, and other common carelessness come under the category of personal injuries. These injuries are caused due to a number of reasons;

  1. Hit and run
  2. Long term disability
  3. Concussion
  4. Work related injury
  5. Slip and fall

Similarly, car accidents are mainly the result of people not abiding to road laws and driving recklessly causing damage to others. It is not necessarily the fault of the affected party for the accident. People can be involved in a variety of accidents;

  1. Distracted driving
  2. Motorcycle accident
  3. Truck accident
  4. Drunk and drive
  5. Bicycle accident

Contingency Fees

One of the most important reasons that gains the interest of the clients and pushes them to opt for any services is the option of contingency fees. Contingency Fees means that the affected party can hire a lawyer without having the burden of fulfilling the hiring and other fees. The affected party would only be asked for payment when the case has been won successfully and the affected party has won sufficient damages from the case. Since lawyers demand a substantial initial fees for the case, people generally tend to avoid these lawyers as they have already incurred a lot of damages and are not keen to take any further risks whatsoever. But, lawyers here in Pickering are very reliable and tend to support their clients financially.
This activity works very well in the interest of the peoples as they are already going through a lot of stress. This act from the Pickering lawyers help out the people in every possible way. The people gain interest in the lawyers and try and work with them in order to get maximum compensation out of the case. This concept of contingency fees has seen more and more people opting to hire lawyers recently.

Why hire a professional lawyer?

There are multiple cases that the affected party can consider when approaching their case. The law has certain proceedings that do allow every individual affected to go ahead and fight for their case themselves. People do generally consider this option as this would give them the opportunity to study their case themselves vigorously and have all stones unturned when appearing for the court. Furthermore, the individual affected will also fight for the case with all their heart and soul with no external interest and even save the fees of going for a lawyer. Considering all these positive possible opportunities, why do people still opt for hiring a professional lawyer? Why can’t they just appear for their case themselves? Why do they need to seek guidance from a professional attorney in order to succeed the case?

Well, there are certain complex and harsh legal realities that restrict a person from fighting for their case themselves. Firstly, law is not a piece of cake. The lawyers spent their entire lives trying to study each and every little detail of every possible circumstance in order to assist the people. There are a number of legal proceedings that we are not potentially aware and that can cause us the case. Hence, people generally are advised to stay away from going for a case themselves as it could lead to a dreadful defeat with no possible compensation whatsoever. Furthermore, there are a lot legal framework that may get tricky. Since we individuals are not used to the laws and courts, we do not have any idea of how to go about the proceedings. Hence, there can be many occasions where we get stuck and are unable to proceed. The lawyers, in contrast, have a strong hold of these terms and conditions and now how to tackle them successfully. Similarly, the opposing lawyer can take advantage of our innocence and turn the case upside down. As mentioned earlier, law is not that easy. The lawyers, with their experience and smartness understand how to tackle the tricky questions of the opposing party and respond in an effective manner.

Another very integral aspect of any particular case is the dealings with the insurance agencies. More often than not, due to their disastrous mishaps, many of the affected parties completely forget about the insurance that could limit their damaged losses. Even after getting a foothold of the insurance agencies, they are unable to get their desired insurance as the insurance companies act very smartly and try and ask tricky questions in order to restrict the loss awarded. The lawyers, however, are very trained and experienced in this regard as they have been in the practice of dealing with insurance agencies for quite some time and know how to go about things. Furthermore, the lawyers have good relationship with the insurance agencies which work for the betterment for the clients and helps them earn compensation.


With the increasing personal injury and car accident cases in Pickering, it must be said that people should immediately opt for hiring a professional legal attorney to hire their case. This would not only help them earn maximum compensation out of the case but would release burden of their shoulders as the lawyers are very helpful and considerate in this regard.

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