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Many times in our life, it so happens that we are faced by a situation where we are at a disagreement with another party. It may be of a small nature; like a teenager who does not agree with his parent that his curfew should begin at ten o clock, or something huge; for example, a row between two countries about who rightfully owns a particular piece of land. In times like these, what power is to decide between who is in the right and which party is the offender?

The beginning of law

Man recognized the need for the invention of such a body that decided and judges between the two sides while itself being impartial and honest and not looking to gain anything personally from it long ago. With this, he also accepted that there is a need of a general code of conduct to live by, which will serve to save the society from injustice. He first tried to fill this void with the teachings of religion – but soon recognized that that is not the solution to the problem. Everyone in the world followed the teachings of their own religion while some refused in the idea of religion in the first place. This was not what would have all of mankind, or even a large group of people, to agree at a common point. To fill up this need, man then decided that he must come up with a new set of rules – one that is in agreement with common ethics and morals – and this is how law came into being.

The invention of law has affected our lives in many ways

With law to govern their lives, humans today have a more just way of living than when they lived in caves. Law ensures that the weak is not oppressed by the powerful, any disagreement between two parties is dealt with fairly and justly, and that the crimes and wrongdoings of the evil do not go unpunished. If, today, you suspect that an offense has been done to you by another party, you can rest assured that there is a body you can appeal to for justice that will consider all the facts and then arrive at a decision. If, for example, a corporation has been stealing your trademarked ideas or products and selling them as their own, you have the right to contact a corporate lawyer in Parry Sound and have them persecuted. Similarly, if you have been involved in an automobile accident that took place because the other driver was intoxicated, or distracted while driving, or was negligent in any other way, and you have suffered damages as a result, we advise you to consult a Parry Sound personal injury lawyer right away – more precisely, a car accident lawyer Parry Sound.

A car accident lawyer Parry Sound will help you exercise the right that the law in Canada gives you and file for a compensation for the damages you have acquired in the accident. But is it really worth it to employ the services of a lawyer? Can’t you just forego the entire process and file a claim and represent yourself? After all, the law in Canada does allow you to.

Hiring a lawyer is easier than you think, and worth it at the end

If you believe that handling a case in court is an easy process, you are gravely mistaken. It is a complicated and difficult process that requires full knowledge about how personal injury cases work, and the expertise that comes with working in the same field representing cases just like yours for quite some time. You will find both of these things in the Parry Sound personal injury lawyer team at our firm – should you choose to hire our services.

Many people are deterred from having a lawyer represent them because of the perceived fee they charge for their services. We have all grown to trust the image of lawyers and attorneys movies have created for us. On the screen, lawyers are depicted to cost you an arm and a leg, charging you heavy sums for the entire duration that your case is in court – and even after all of this investment, a desirable outcome is not guaranteed. This perception of the common man is wrong on so many accounts. The compassionate and kind individuals at our firm understand that having just been through an accident, you are not in your best position financially. Times are hard and you will not be able to afford expensive lawyers to represent you in court and fight for you. This is why we are very affordable and flexible in our payment plans. We have a payment plan to suit everyone, and in case you do not find one you like, we are willing to negotiate and have you design one for yourself! We also have a quota reserved for pro bono cases which means you get to have the exemplary Parry Sound personal injury lawyer from our firm in your corner for free. In addition to this, we offer your very first consultation with our capable attorneys at absolutely zero charge. But this isn’t all – we work on a contingency fee basis which means that we do not get paid unless you do! If our Parry Sound personal injury lawyer fails to recover the funds you desire, he is willing to forego any dues you may have in his favor. This alone should be reason enough to hire a professional advocate rather than inconveniencing yourself and putting your claim for compensation at stake.

If you are still doubleminded about getting legal representation for your personal injury case, then consider this; the offending party will probably have it as well for their defense and to avoid being forced to reimburse you for your injuries. These lawyers will try their best to convince the court, and even you, that you were at fault for the accident as well – if not wholly than at least partially. If you are unable to defend yourself in a timely and quality manner, you stand to lose out on precious money. The court might decide that the transgressor is not liable to pay you the entire amount that you have quoted, or they might challenge you for the same as well! The lawyers of the opposing party can even go so far as to suggest that the responsibility and the blame of the accident lies on your head, and may demand a compensation from you for the transgressor’s troubles and inconveniences you have allegedly put him through.

Get in touch with the legal representatives you deserve today

To avoid all of these dire consequences, dial up our 24/7 helpline to get in touch with the best legal representation you can hope for in Parry Sound. You can call us with questions any time of the day, seven days a week and we are guaranteed to be available to you at all times!

You can also leave us an email with all your queries and we will get back to you promptly. If you are looking for immediate legal assistance and have a couple of questions that you want the answers to right away or want to know more about how to proceed with a personal injury case while remaining well within your rights, you can also avail the live chat feature we provide on our website. Get in touch with us to get information that you can trust today! 

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