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Being the victim in an accident can be a very overwhelming and traumatic experience. Your entire life can change in an instant, leaving you at a loss at what to do next. You are left baffled and confused without any idea as to who to turn to for help. This feeling of helplessness is further aggravated if the trauma you have just experienced occurred due to the heedless and irresponsible attitude of another party. You are left with grievous consequences and severe injuries for something you were not at fault for, and going through such an experience can leave you frustrated and tearing out your hair from your scalp.

For example, you might have been driving to your daughter’s dance recital, taking utmost care as always to follow all the traffic rules and regulations but still have a wayward car with a drunken driver crash into you. In another scenario you could be watering the plants in your backyard, minding your own business and your neighbor’s precariously positioned ladder that was resting against the fence may topple over and hit you on the head, giving you a concussion or God forbid, even causing some critical brain injury that leaves you affected for the rest of your life. In both of these examples and in many other cases, you were not to blame for the accident that took place.  Instead, you can clearly recognize that it was the driver’s fault for deciding to drive despite having been drinking, or the neighbor’s irresponsible attitude towards handling equipment that may cause serious injuries. Both of these incidents could have easily been avoided if the motorist had refrained from driving in his intoxicated state and instead had asked someone else to drop him home, or if your neighbor had been a tad bit more careful as to where he should keep his ladder when not in use.

You paying for someone else’s mistakes with your person and property is something that is extremely unfair and should not be the case. The law in Toronto and Ontario sympathizes and agrees with the victim here when it states that the victim of a personal injury case, when at no fault of his own, has a right to claim for compensation for all the losses he has had to bear because of the incident for up to two years since the accident took place.

So you know that the law is on your side when it grants you the leave to demand a reimbursement for your damages, but is that enough? Is filing a claim sure to win you the compensation you so desperately need right now? That may not always be the case. For you to recover your rightful compensation you may have to contest for it in court. The party responsible is sure to hire powerful attorneys to get out of not paying a hefty sum that should rightfully be yours. These aggressive lawyers will turn your claim to shreds in court should you choose to fight this out yourself. These brutal attorneys will not only make a mockery out of you and your case, but may also have you doubting if you are without fault by the time that they are done. In this vulnerable time, you need someone who will stand by you at all times. You need someone to not only listen to the honest and detailed account of the actual incident in question, but also educate you about everything the law offers you as a victim given the particular circumstances of your personal injury case. You need professional advice from someone who knows and can predict the outcome of your case and is one hundred percent honest with you about it so you can prepare yourself for whatever is to come. You need somebody who will face the opponent’s aggressive attorneys in court and will not bend under pressure. You need someone who is not easily threatened by the opponent’s power or his influence over people and someone who will not be deterred from getting you the justice you deserve. For all of this in such a risky time with so much at stake, your best bet is to contact our car accident lawyer Muskoka and Muskoka personal injury lawyers.

Whether you have been the victim of an automobile accident, have crashed your bike into a car while going for a hike in the hills, have been bitten by a dog or any other animal, have recently lost a loved one in an avoidable work related injury, or have been subjected to a slip and fall injury; at our firm you will find competent and accomplished lawyers who specialize exactly in your particular type of cases and are more than capable to represent you in court and recover a compensation for you that can help you start a new life or resume your old one wherever you left off. For every nature of cases related to personal injury, we have a collection of highly qualified and highly trained Muskoka lawyers to choose from to represent it in court. Some of the areas of personal injury in which we specialize are as follows;

  • DUI cases
  • Work related injuries
  • Car accident cases
  • Motorcycle accident cases
  • Bicycle accident cases
  • Truck accident cases
  • Speeding collision cases
  • Hit and run cases
  • Distracted driving cases
  • Drunk or intoxicated driving cases
  • Texting while driving cases
  • Brain injury related cases
  • Concussion resulting cases
  • Cases that have caused whiplash
  • Long term disability (LTD) personal injury accidents
  • Dog and animal bite cases
  • Pedestrian accident cases
  • Slip and fall accidents cases

and many more…

If you find yourself relating to any of the above accidents, or suspect that you have been in an accident where you were not at fault and rather it occurred because of another party’s input in the accident, then we encourage you to contact the Muskoka personal injury lawyers at our firm right away. Though the law in Canada allows you to file for a claim for compensation for upto two years after the incident occurred, it is best if you contact your lawyer sooner than later. Immediately after the accident has taken place, all the details are fresh in your mind – unadulterated with suggestive details from your mind itself. This gives your account of the incident more credibility and makes it more believable in court, highly increasing your chances to receive the maximum compensation.

To get in touch with the number one Muskoka personal injury lawyer or car accident lawyer Muskoka right away, dial the number to our 24/7 open helpline, or leave us an email outlining your query and we will be sure to answer all of your questions. We love interacting with our clients and giving them an absolute peace of mind so they can turn all their focus towards ensuring a speedy recovery from the tragedy they have just experienced.

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