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We cannot avoid danger, but we can protect ourselves in how much it affects us

Every one of us, be it young or old, is surrounded by danger at all times. Though the dangers have varied greatly, it has been like this for all of mankind since the world first came into being. No matter what gender, race, ethnicity and country you belong to, you cannot escape from this fact. In this era, you need not even go out and get involved in activities and situations that are thought to invite danger. Even the simple job of existing today poses a threat to your health and life. Not one of us is well and truly “secure” in the true sense of the word. While sometimes, getting caught in a situation that proves to be dangerous is just bad luck, a lot of times it is the acts of the people around us that put us in this vulnerable position. For example, you might get hurt in an amusement park when you decide to go for a ride in the roller coaster that had faulty and unsafe equipment. It is the responsibility of the operator of the ride to check that all the equipment is secure and up to date. Another way you can get hurt due to the negligence of another party is if a speeding car hits you while you are rightly crossing the road at a zebra crossing. The driver may be distracted, drunk, under the influence of drugs, or maybe simply in a hurry; he is still to blame for the injuries you sustained in that accident. It is at instances like these that you will need to hire a Kingston personal injury lawyers.

You need the best Kingston personal injury lawyers to take care of your legal matters

In the aftermath of an accident, there are a multitude of things that the victim has to keep track of. Scheduling and attending medical appointments, keeping a track of any car repairs in a car accident, getting therapy to get rid of the post accident depressive phase are only a few of the things you are responsible for in trying to get back on your feet and recover from the unfortunate experience. Handling legal matters in the wake of an accident is in itself a complicated and exhaustive task, especially for the common man. But coupled with all the things you are already responsible for after the accident and the depressive mood swings you are likely to have, it becomes a near impossible feat. Do not make the mistake of assuming that getting yourself or just any Kingston personal injury lawyers to take care of it will do the job. At a vulnerable time like this when you desperately need the compensation you deserve, you need the best of the best at your side – a car accident lawyer Kingston you can trust to recover your rightful compensation. And who better to look to for the most competent attorneys than our firm?

Contact our office in Kingston to get the best representation in a personal injury case

Our attorneys have won multiple awards and accolades for their excellent performances in the court of law. We have had decades of experience in representing – and winning – cases similar to yours and have constructed a reputation in and around Kingston regarding personal injury cases. What sets us apart from the other law firms in Kingston that deal with personal injury cases is that we recognize each of the cases we take on as unique and different from the other and treat it as such. Our professionals pay great attention to detail to ensure that they recover for you the maximum compensation that you are eligible for. We are not reluctant to get aggressive in the court when it comes to working for our client’s best interest and are not easily dissuaded by a settlement. We take utmost care to not overlook any aspect that makes you eligible to be the recipient of a higher compensation – be it any physical injuries you have encountered, damages to your property, or your pain and suffering. We take into account all of these things to work out an amount that would be justified to claim in court. From the moment you hire us, our lawyers work tirelessly to get you the justice that you are looking for. We make sure that you are not taken advantage of or overlooked during your case in court. As a law firm, we believe in an open line of communication with you at all times. Not only would we give you regular reports about the proceedings of your case, but we also encourage you to email or call us whenever you have a question or a doubt. We greatly believe in customer satisfaction and are available to our valued clients at all times. Each of our lawyers holds a specialty in one of the areas relating to personal injury. Some of those areas are as follows:

  • DUI cases
  • Work related personal injuries
  • Car accident cases
  • Motorcycle accident cases
  • Bicycle accident cases
  • Insurance claims
  • Long term disability
  • Hit and run cases
  • Brain injury and concussion cases
  • Dog and animal bite accidents
  • Wrongful death cases
  • Truck accidents
  • Tailgating cases
  • Rear end accident cases etc.

The above are only a few and not all incidents that we can be of assistance to you. Contact us today on our 24/7 helpline to know more about the services we offer regarding your particular case. We are available to assist you on the phone any moment of the day, seven days a week. You can also leave us an email and we will get back to you promptly, or engage in the live chat feature available on our website to get in touch with us.

Our firm provides affordable consultations to accident victims

Many accident victims are deterred from contacting a Kingston personal injury lawyers because of the heavy fee they assume they will have to pay. You will not have to worry about this if you decide to hire us.

Like we already discussed, choosing to represent your own case is not advised if you want to recover the maximum compensation you stand to receive. Furthermore, doing so can also take a toll on your mental health and dampen the chances of a speedy recovery. The attorneys at our firm understand this very well.

This is why we offer very affordable consultations and pocket friendly payment plans to our accident victims. For our valued customers, we provide the first consultation with our highly qualified professionals at no cost. In this meeting we design with you a payment plan that suits your needs and works best for you. We are very straightforward about our payments and have zero hidden costs. Furthermore, we work on a contingency fee basis. If we fail at getting for you a compensation you deserve, you do not have to pay us for a representation!

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An Update About COVID-19
An Update About COVID-19: At Singer Kwinter we are committed to provide our clients the best service during this challenging time. We are fully operational and have taken measures to keep the our clients and visitors safe. The team is currently working remotely and is available to assist our clients and take on new clients.