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Singer Kwinter is pleased to support The Tamara Gordon Foundation.

A note from Founder and Vice President, Tamara Gordon:

“I am Tamara Gordon, a complete paraplegic and the Founder of The Tamara Gordon Foundation.  This Foundation is a community based organization with a mission to provide funding and other kinds of resources, to support and address the needs of students with physical disabilities within the Greater Toronto Area, to continue their post-secondary studies.  These scholarships will also help students who demonstrate personal initiative, creative striving and a high standard of performance in their quest to achieve their personal and career goals, or in order to aid in their personal development.  Unlike their peers, some students with physical disabilities are less likely to obtain a part-time job while attending school at the same time. As a former student, I can testify to that.  The scholarships I received over the years played an important role in helping me achieve my educational goal.”

For more information on The Tamara Gordon Foundation or to donate to the scholarship program, please click here.

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