Singer Kwinter have worked tirelessly on my behalf since I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Right from the beginning with my first interview with Mr. Alfred Kwinter, he listened very attentively to me and understood what my needs were. All the people…from the firm were very patient with me and took the time to explain everything clearly. Their help ranged from…getting a good rehabilitation team in place, preparing all the documents for my appointments and taking the time…to help me understand the insurance system. The law firm staff […]

Jason Katz and Singer Kwinter are worth their weight in gold. Two family members had used their services and were extremely satisfied so when I was injured I knew where to go. I was badly injured and immobile and Jason came to visit me, making it so easy to get my case started. He promised to keep me informed at every step and did so and his clerk was invaluable answering my many questions. Jason was very knowledgeable and did not make unrealistic promises. Anyone who is injured needs to […]

Jason Katz is a very professional and excellent lawyer who took on my case after one lawyer dropped it and three others said they could not be bothered. It is so important to find the right lawyer who understands what a person is going through and Jason is a caring, thorough and considerate lawyer who showed me I could receive compensation for my injuries when others said I could not. I have nothing but praise for his service and have recommended a friend to him. I would always recommend Jason […]

I called Singer Kwinter shortly after having being struck by a car whilst commuting home one summer evening, in downtown Toronto. This was a hit and run “accident” that occurred in front of several witnesses, one of whom noted the license plate number as I screamed it out for anyone that might hear. I couldn’t walk unassisted for many months and lost a good deal of my income. I had demoralising roadblocks with my insurance provider that I can’t begin to describe now. I can say emphatically that if it […]

I will still refer anyone possible to you and this firm, as there is no lawyer that would have taken the time and care as you. Thank you again for all you have done. Singer Kwinter

This is a letter of reference for my lawyers from the law firm Singer Kwinter who have worked tirelessly on my behalf since I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Right from the beginning with my first interview with Mr. Alfred Kwinter, in which he listened very intently to me and he understood what my needs were. All the people, that I have had the pleasure to deal with, from the firm were very patient with me and took their time to explain everything clearly to me. Their help […]

Our family owned and operated a furniture store, and in 2003 we suffered a devastating blow—a fire which destroyed the business. Our insurance company continually denied our claim and accused us of having set the fire. We needed help and with a recommendation of an associate at the NFA (National Fire Adjustors Association) we contacted Singer Kwinter. The insurance company then came forward with an out of court offer for 50% of our initial claim. We turned this down. My family had done nothing wrong; we had paid our insurance […]

Several years ago, I suffered serious injuries as a result of a car accident. Being unable to return to work, I sought out the firm of Singer Kwinter. Having already been familiar with the firm, I contacted them for advice to make sure that I was protected in case my injuries caused me further problems. From day one everyone at Singer Kwinter, went out of their way to be helpful and got whatever was needed to help me. Alfred Kwinter and the professionals handling my case were incredible. They were […]

After an accident, I didn’t know where to turn to for help. We were told that Singer Kwinter would take excellent care of us and would help me secure the resources and compensation I was entitled to. The team at Singer Kwinter provided all the assistance I needed during this difficult time. They answered all my questions in a manner that was always helpful and polite. The injuries I suffered as a result of my accident made it impossible for me to return to work for a period of time. […]